CD BUNDLE - "The Great Room" and "Somebody Else's Dream"
  • CD BUNDLE - "The Great Room" and "Somebody Else's Dream"
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CD bundle package that includes both debut albums from Paw Paw's Medicine Cabinet. "The Great Room" and "Somebody Else's Dream."

Produced and Recorded by Rick Hirsch at Studio H2O on Dog River, Ala.

Mastered by Richard Dodd in Nashville, Tenn.

The Great Room track listing:

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Way Too Long
  3. Over You
  4. Get Me Right
  5. Furnace
  6. Hang Man
  7. Old House
  8. Niceville
  9. Runnin’ Tired
  10. Hoopty

Somebody Else's Dream track listing:

  1. Somebody Else’s Dream
  2. I Feel Afraid
  3. Minds and Hearts
  4. Break Me
  5. Angels and Lies
  6. Be My Monday
  7. Too High
  8. Subtle Tease
  9. You Like It
  10. Big Airplane
  11. Leaving
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